Bringing neighbors together…

That’s the goal of the Greater South Loop Association, a not-for-profit neighborhood organization.  It is comprised of an alliance of residents focused on the overarching mission to maintain and improve the South Loop as a vibrant and diverse, inclusive community.  One of the ways GSLA achieves this mission is through it’s regular event calendar and neighborhood communications aimed to bring South Loop neighbors together.

To achieve its objectives, the GSLA keeps in touch with local aldermanic, ward and city offices, to put forward cohesive and meaningful dialog expressing the neighborhood’s needs.  Working with City agencies such as the; Department of Planning, Police, Consumer Services and Cultural Affairs, we are an ally within the complex network of city government.

In an effort to understand a developer’s planned expansion within the South Loop community the GSLA actively encourages developers to share their plans with GSLA membership.  This forum allows GSLA members to voice an opinion of the project and its impact on the community.  This process also allows any potential conflicts to be addressed in a mutually beneficial and affable manner.

Research indicates that community organizations are essential elements in the successful growth of any new or established neighborhood.  Community groups play an important role in mobilizing individuals to join in social activities, to engage in community policing and to participate in other activities that ensure the neighborhood is well represented.

Where is the South Loop?

Our members consider the area to be between the Congress Parkway on the North, the Stevenson Expressway on the South, the lake including Northerly Island to the east and the Dan Ryan Expressway to the west.


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