September Neighbors’ Night Out summary – Neighbors want a little of everything as McCormick Place expands

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Sep 272016

The September Neighbors’ Night Out drew about 60 area residents and business owners to Motor Row Brewing for an update on all things McCormick Place from Lori Healey, the CEO of the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority. Brian Murphy encouraged area businesses to consider the South Loop Business Exchange, and GSLA Board member Cristina Bothe-Hall discussed our re-launch of the South Loop’On, a one-of-a-kind neighborhood discount program for GSLA members.

Here is a summary of responses from the event questionnaire:

  1. What are your top priorities for new retail near McCormick Place?
    1. Restaurants/bars (4)
    2. Live music/jazz club (3)
    3. No big box retail/locally owned (3)
    4. Target/CVS (2)
    5. Drug store
    6. Gym
    7. Mix of national and local
    8. Proactive parking/traffic management
    9. High profile corporate draws
    10. High-density residential
    11. Entertainment/programming outside on the street


  1. What major events would you like to see at/near McCormick Place?
    1. Live theater/concerts (4)
    2. Sporting events (specifically boxing and the Big East basketball tournament) (3)
    3. Student performances/dance
    4. GreenBuild
    5. ASHRAF
    6. Smaller events lost in recent year, such as hardware show
    7. High revenue events that attract few people
    8. Entertainment for adults (but not adult entertainment)
    9. Hacker convention


  1. Given the potential market for future development, what other new kinds of real estate development would you like to see in the area, particularly near the Green Line stop?
    1. High-density residential to bring more people (2)
    2. Nice/higher end locally owned bar/restaurant (2)
    3. Movie theater
    4. Blues/music district
    5. Return of public housing
    6. A green space near El stop to give sense of community
    7. A school


  1. What other development concerns do you have in the area?
    1. Security/More foot patrols/More cameras (6)
    2. Traffic (4)
    3. Parking (3)
    4. More housing, but make sure some is affordable to maintain diversity and offset gentrification


The next Neighbors’ Night Out is Wednesday, October 12, at Square One, and will focus on litter, pests, stormwater and snow. Register now!

August Neighbors’ Night Out summary – Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians ALL need to open their eyes

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Sep 102016

August’s Neighbors’ Night Out at Spoke & Bird focused on pedestrian and cycling issues. It was a beautiful evening and we appreciated everyone taking the time to gather on Spoke & Bird’s great outdoor patio. A special thanks to Alderman Dowell and Brian Freedman from the 3rd Ward for being part of the conversation and also fielding general questions about updates in the South Loop.

Below is the summary from our survey about resident feedback regarding cycling in the neighborhood. Top take-aways include residents’ concerns about cyclists on sidewalks and the overall lack of awareness and etiquette on behalf of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists pertaining to bike lane/pedestrian crossing/traffic laws.

Additionally, on Tuesday, August 23, representatives from CDOT presented their proposed bike and pedestrian improvements for the Dearborn/Plymouth corridor during a community meeting in the South Loop. Slides from that presentation are available here. GSLA is currently reviewing the proposal and we also wanted to share this information with you as it is timely to our recent bike/ped discussion.

Survey summary:

Top challenges or safety issues pertaining to cycling in the South Loop:

  • #1 concern: adult cyclist on sidewalks
  • lack of car driver awareness, driving/double parking in bike lanes (particularly Uber drivers)
  • lack of pedestrian awareness, standing in bike lanes
  • lack of cyclist awareness, not obeying traffic laws
  • not many cycling lanes overall in the area; finding a good route without going too far out of the way
  • is a challenge

Major cycling issues from pedestrian’s perspective:

  • lack of awareness of cyclists when standing/hailing cabs by Trader Joes/Wabash bike lane
  • tourists aren’t aware of bike lanes

Major cycling issues from cyclists’ perspective:

  • Roosevelt road sharing path in street to Lakeshore Drive
  • other cyclists going wrong direction or biking on sidewalks
  • safe access to bike path and trails
  • pedestrians using bike paths

Overall positive improvements already happening in the area:

  • #1 improvement: blue walkways and green painted bike lanes
  • curb cut at 18th Street bridge
  • Dearborn cycling lane at Polk
  • the City is committed to increasing bike lanes across the city

Areas where future improvements/investments are desired

  • focus attention at Roosevelt Road/Indiana & Columbus to Michigan Ave – heavy traffic
  • ticket drivers double parking
  • tickets to pedestrians not obeying laws
  • focus attention for bike protection along Roosevelt Road between Canal to State street
  • bike lanes on State street
  • crosswalk at 13th & State needs to be marked better; cars block intersection and do not stop for
  • pedestrians or bikes crossing
  • dividers in most congested areas; more concrete barrier bike lanes; protected bike lanes
  • more signage concerning bike lanes for motorists and cyclists
  • mark all bike lanes green and no parking
  • 18th street bike land over the river seems to be seldom used and traffic jams seem common
  • more bike “trails” like the 606


Our next Neighbors’ Night Out is Wednesday, September 14, 5:30pm to 7:00 pm at Motor Row Brewing (2337 S. Michigan Ave). Our topic of conversation will be real estate development, and also the South Loop’on “shop local” discount program that GSLA is relaunching in partnership with the South Loop Business Exchange. Pick up your South Loop’on card for free to start enjoying the discounts offered by participating businesses in the South Loop.

RSVP for GSLA September NNO:

July Neighbors’ Night Out Summary – Riverfront bars and open space wanted

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Sep 102016

July’s Neighbors’ Night Out at Flo and Santo’s focused on riverfront development from Harrison Ave south to Ping Tom Park. This stretch is slated to be redeveloped in the coming years, with groundbreaking at the Riverline development expected this fall. The 30ish South Loop residents in attendance were joined by members of the Riverline team of CMK, Lend Lease, and Perkins & Will.

A questionnaire was distributed inquiring about top priorities for riverfront development. Here are the responses, sorted by frequency.

Number of mentions General comment
6 Public green space
6 Bars/Restaurants/Social space
4 Variety of housing types and sizes
4 Riverfront path
4 Racial/economic integration, affordable housing
4 Small/neighborhood business
3 Variety and diversity of recreational activities
3 Traffic relief for exisiting neighborhood
2 Dog park or dog beach
2 Wider sidewalks and bike lanes
2 Minimize environmental impact of construction
1 Bridge over river
1 Community space
1 ADA-compliant facilities
1 Good lighting
1 Public schools
1 River access
1 Architectural consistency
1 Family focused
1 Community gardens
1 Outdoor public pool

June Neighbors’ Night Out feedback – Major events in the neighborhood are big fun, big hassle

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Jul 072016

June’s Neighbors’ Night Out at Bureau Bar focused on major event management in the South Loop – e.g., Bears game, Grant Park festivals, 5k runs. Here’s a summary of feedback received from attendees:

Top challenges related to large public events in SL

  • Need better sense of the collection of events taking place
  • permit parking on certain streets; parking for guests
  • better advance notice of events generally, and road closures
  • traffic management
  • intersection at Roosevelt and State
  • intersection at Roosevelt and Michigan

Top crowd management reactions large public events in SL

  • not experienced major issue; don’t feel the impact of large events
  • usually not bothered, events are spread out (only 8 home games for Bears)
  • traffic guides not helpful
  • keeping pedestrians on sidewalks (via barriers) and not in middle of Michigan Ave.
  • longer buses, especially after new development growth in SL expected
  • it makes you need to plan your day more

#1 priority with large public events

  • more police presence
  • better traffic guides; more traffic management (esp. near McCormick Place)
  • information ahead of time alerting (email) of events/road closures
  • a list of events especially in the summer

Kinds of events would you like to see in SL

  • more kid-friendly events
  • more events that showcase our businesses in SL
  • health events
  • a large event, neighborhood festival
  • more brunch/café options versus bars


More on Neighbors’ Night Out

Interested in the future of the South Loop? Want to share your thoughts on neighborhood development, learn from others, and provide input to elected officials, city staff and real estate developers? Just want to meet some fellow South Loopers and have a little fun? Then join us!

Starting in 2016 the Greater South Loop Association will host a monthly Neighbors’ Night Out for anyone wanting to meet up and be part of the neighborhood’s future. Each month will have a general topic, and we’ll invite relevant speakers to share some thoughts and be part of the dialogue. These sessions will also help the Greater South Loop Association fulfill its role as a conduit for neighborhood input on important community development issues.

There’s no charge to attend (of course, feel free to patronize the bar!) but we ask that you register so we can have a sense of how many people will be in attendance. Neighbors’ Night Out will be from 5:30pm to 7:00pm, the second Wednesday of the month. Here’s the 2016 schedule (locations and topics subject to change):

W, Feb 10, Weather Mark Tavern (traffic)
W, March 9, Vice District Brewing (real estate development)
W, April 13, Krolls (schooling)
W, May 11, Wabash Tap (real estate development)
W, June 8, Bureau Bar (major event management)
W, July 13, Flo and Santo’s (real estate development) Register here
W, August 10, Spoke and Bird (pedestrian and cycling issues)
W, Sept. 14, Motor Row Brewing (real estate development)
W, Oct. 12, Square One (litter, stormwater, pests, and snow)
W, Nov. 9, Blackie’s South Loop (real estate development)
W, Dec. 14, Tapas Valencia (year in review, year ahead)


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Apr 102016


We are a non-traditional steak house with a twist. We have 20 beers on tap, over 65 craft, domestic and import bottles of beer, a delicious selection of fine wine, and a crazy good selection of spirits most of which you will not find in any other steakhouse in Chicago.

We are conveniently located in the Roosevelt Collection Mall, next to the ICON Theater