Board of Directors 2012-13

The board of directors of the Greater South Loop Association received nominating petitions for the board of directors and held an annual election on Saturday, October 6, 2012 at the DayStar Center located at 1550 S. State Street.

Gail Rutkowski, president, called for nominating petitions from South Loop residents and said, “We invite all community members to get involved – either by seeking Board or committee seats by conducting an open and transparent election.   We encourage residents to be involved in the community by attending community events, neighborhood and association meetings and by supporting South Loop businesses.”  Gail also shared her 2012-13 goals with the newly elected board.  “Our mission of ‘bringing neighbors together’ will be supported by continuing to focus on growing membership and neighborhood events.”

  • Officers were elected to the board as follows: Jeanette Johnson as vice-president, Bill Van Emburg as treasurer and Alison Jackson as secretary.
  • Norma Jordan was re-elected to the board and maintains the title of our longest serving board member.  We appreciate her continued dedication to the GSLA and to the South Loop.
  • Tyler Joyner was appointed to an vacant position after serving as the ‘Dash to the Bash’ Committee Chair earlier this year.
  • Special thanks to Blagica Bottigliero who recently served as a director and lent her passion for developing a local high school option by collaborating on the Reuse Jones petition.  We are looking forward to Blagica continuing to serve as an Education Committee Chair.
  • Additionally, Virgil Nita and Margaret Hicks were thanked for their time as a director.