Board of Directors 2013-14

The board of directors of the Greater South Loop Association received nominating petitions for the board of directors and held an annual election on Thursday, October 3, 2013 at the DayStar Center located at 1550 S. State Street.

Gail Rutkowski, president, called for nominating petitions from South Loop residents and said, “We invite all community members to get involved – either by seeking Board or committee seats or by volunteering for project work. We encourage residents to be involved in the community and welcome their support.” Gail served as president and completed her 2 year term. During her time at the helm, the GSLA’s presence in the South Loop has grown. “Success can be measured ranging from counting the extensive business relationships that have been forged in the neighborhood to the variety of events that bring neighbors together. The board is very grateful to have had Gail’s leadership” says incoming president Jeanette Johnson.

Jeanette shared her 2013-14 goals with the newly elected board. “With the real estate market poised for a comeback, we will continue to expand our reach and continue to build community in the neighborhood to existing and new neighbors alike”.

Officers were elected to the board as follows:

  • T.J. Sagen, our previous Bash on Wabash chairman, as vice-president
  • Bill Van Emburg was re-elected as treasurer
  • Josh Ellis, a newly elected director, as secretary

Returning directors to the board include Jeff Key, Gail Rutkowski and Deb Soehlig who were re-elected and Norma Jordan that is in the middle of a 2 year term. Kimberly McMiller join the board as director.

Special thanks to Molly Heyen who finished her term and recently served as our events director and Bash on Wabash volunteer committee chair. Molly’s contributions have been critical to our success and we look forward to her continued community building efforts as her South Loop Toastmasters group becomes chartered. Alison Jackson, our former secretary will be leading our events committee.

Additionally, Tyler Joyner was thanked for his time as a director as he resigned from the board to spend time with his young family. Frank Readus was appointed at the election to the remainder of Tyler’s term as a director.