GSLA Board comment letters on South Loop development proposals

At the May 1, 2014, Board meeting of the Greater South Loop Association, our Board decided to begin posting copies of our comment letters on South Loop development proposals to our web site. Moving forward, those letters will be posted here. We believe in being transparent and accountable, and posting these comment letters publicly is consistent with that.

GSLA is often asked for comments on South Loop development proposals by area Aldermen, and on occasion staff from City of Chicago departments or the developers themselves. This is particularly true when the developer needs a zoning change or some other variance from an established policy.

We vet these proposals by featuring them at South Loop community updates meetings, which we hold every two months. See our events calendar for details on when upcoming meetings will be. At those meetings we ask developers to present their intentions, and then we have facilitated question and answer sessions. Increasingly we also distribute surveys so that people who feel more comfortable writing their thoughts can make sure they are “heard.”  We also solicit comments through our Facebook and Twitter outlets.

Then our Community Enhancement committee reviews those comments and applies their own expertise and viewpoints to author our comment letters, which the Board then considers and after review and editing, approves. We send them directly to the entity that requested them.

SO… that means you have four outlets to be involved in shaping these letters:

  • Come to our Community Updates meetings and take part in the discussion
  • Weigh in on Facebook and/or Twitter
  • Join our Community Enhancement committee
  • Join our Board

Please send an email to us if you are interested in joining or learning more about any of these options, or if you have comments or questions about our Board letters.

Board comment letters (starting in 2014 and going forward)