On Membership and Community: Meet Frank Readus

Frank T Readus, a GSLA Board member since October, 2013, shares some thoughts on why he joined the Board, and more broadly speaking, why he engages in community life in the South Loop:

I decided to become a part of my present homeowners association after participating as a “benchwarmer” at my previous condominium location. I originally said to others and myself that my reasoning was to protect my financial investment and later found that to be just a part of the story.

My interests became diverse in scope as the issues arising in a new construction property came fast and furious. When the dust settled after a few years, I discovered that my external neighborhood was quickly developing and that my viewpoint had been severely altered by internal matters of the homeowners association.

Communities, like organizations, cannot exist in a vacuum and that realization led me to explore neighborhood groups with a more strategic viewpoint. I joined the Greater South Loop Association, in part, because I believe in their vision and practice of giving value and not just taking from the community.

To those of you who have read this far, I thank you for your interest and invite you to review the numerous benefits of membership and join the Greater South Loop Association to expand and enhance the giving of value to our community.

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