September Neighbors’ Night Out – Getting Active: Workouts and Bike Transit!

This month’s NNO was a bit of a break from the norm, with a free 30-min workout session at the beginning to allow neighbors to check out the new Evolve & Elevate fitness studio, located in East Pilsen.  The host establishment for the beverage and presentation portion of the evening was the Pleasant House Pub, located at 2119 S. Halsted.

This month’s featured speaker was Jim Merrell from the Active Transportation Alliance.  Jim shared a bit about the organization’s mission, which is “to make walking, biking, and transit safe and easy options for getting around Chicagoland”, and current status of some of their advocacy work.

Jim provided status updates on the lakefront trail, including the current status of the project to establish separate pedestrian and bicycle lanes on the trail and the Navy Pier Flyover.

The Active Transportation Alliance also advocates for ongoing efforts to make bus service faster and more efficient, and sidewalks and intersections safer for pedestrians.

Some other helpful resources Jim shared included:

  • A “what to do after a crash” checklist. The Active Transportation Alliance also staffs a crash support hotline (312.869.HELP) to help cyclists and pedestrians who have been involved in a crash.
  • How to report illegal vehicles blocking bike lanes. There is a dedicated 311 code for use when reporting vehicles blocking bike lanes.  Learn more here.
  • Learn about lakefront trail conditions before you head out the door. You can follow or contribute to crowdsourced lakefront trail conditions by following the steps here.
  • Report faded bike lane striping or bike lanes in disrepair (missing or damaged barriers, etc.) to your Alderman.
Upcoming events sponsored by the Active Transportation Alliance:

The Chicago River Trail ride, to raise awareness of the need for a continuous trail along the Chicago River for use as an additional biking corridor, is this Sunday, September 17 and includes a stop at Ping Tom Park.

If you’re in more of a racing mindset, or are looking for a fun, car-free family ride opportunity, their Kickstand Classic race is coming up on October 1.


About the GSLA:

The Greater South Loop Association (GSLA) is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 1998.  Our mission is to bring neighbors together to maintain and improve the South Loop as a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive community.

About Neighbors’ Night Out:

The GSLA’s Neighbors’ Night Out is a monthly series of informal gatherings at local restaurants/bars where neighbors may gather to meet and discuss topics relevant to our neighborhood.  The topics change from month to month based on feedback from our annual State of the South Loop survey and other current events that impact the South Loop.