Artist’s Statement for South Loop Logo Design

The following was submitted by Angela Faler, Graphic Designer and Columbia Student:

While creating the new brand identity for the South Loop, multiple ideas were explored by a group of Columbia students.  We decided to not only brand the South Loop, but to co-brand each of the neighborhoods within the South Loop as well.  Our group’s graphic designer recommended specific icons for each area that could come together to create one united South Loop logo.

The icons were inspired by Chicago’s architecture.  Each district’s icon depicts a building particular to that area.  For example, the Museum Campus’s icon is of the Field Museum.  This allows each area to have it’s own identity.  With all the icons together, each area is represented in the combined symbol that forms the identity for the entire South Loop.

As for the neighborhood banners, each will be customized to showcase their particular area.  For example, the banners placed in the Prairie District will have the Prairie District’s logo shown larger, placed in front of the other icons.  The areas will also have a specific color showcased on the banner.  The overall design will offer a way to co-brand each of the neighborhoods within the South Loop, while also creating a complete brand for the South Loop as a whole.

Group Members:

  • Account Manager – Emily Bertino
  • Account Planner – Natalie Richards
  • Graphic Designer – Angela Faler
  • Art Director – Kate Karczewski
  • Copywriters – Helen Wilson, Hannah Oliff
  • –as well as input from last semester’s Ad Agency South Loop group