Confessions of a Condo Board member…

(The names have been changed to protect the innocent)

“I ended up on my building’s board kind of by accident… I’ve never served on something like this before and am not sure exactly what I’m supposed to do.”  – Lucy, new board member

“Our management company just gave us notice that they will not be renewing their contract with us… how do we conduct an effective search for a replacement?”  – John, board president

“We need to do a major capital project; which vendors have experience with buildings similar to ours?”  – Amanda, treasurer

“It would be nice to have some contacts at neighboring buildings who we can reach out to regarding security or other types of incidents.” – Mary, board member

Do you serve on your building’s condo board?  Would you like to connect with condo board members from other buildings in the area to get advice, share what has worked (or not) in your building?

Have you ever considered condo board service, or just wondered what boards do and what their responsibilities are?

If the above piques your interest, you should check out Home Works: Tools for Community Living, a new event series sponsored by the Greater South Loop Association (GSLA).  This event series is held quarterly on a variety of topics, such as safety, managing your management company, building best practices, and other topics relevant to managing a healthy board and community.  One of the most valuable aspects will be the opportunity to connect with other board members to share experiences and strengthen your network in the neighborhood.

Property managers, condo/community living association board members, and residents are all encouraged to attend.

You can register for our next event on November 14 here.