Equilibrium Health and Wellness

Equilibrium Health + Wellness is a holistic health, wellness clinic. They are dedicated to not only bring their patients back to a pain free state utilizing several different modalities, massage, chiropractic, and rehabilitative therapy, but most importantly, to help their patients maintain their symptom free state and regain normalcy in their bodily function.

Dr. Jessica Chan opened Equilibrium Health + Wellness, November 2012, in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago. The vision behind the office design is to make her visitors feel very pleasant and relaxed and not feel intimidated or uncomfortable as one would when they enter a typical medical facility. Dr. Chan’s intention is not only to promote holistic health care, but also to raise awareness of the importance and the simplicity to lead a healthier lifestyle. She is passionate about helping her patients through their entire recovery process and loves building a close relationship with each and every patient.

1509 S. State Street, Chicago, IL



south loop on card cornerHoliday therapeutic massage for $55/hour, with the original price being $80/hour