Jones College Prep New Building Plans for 2013

On December 14, 2010, the community was presented with building plans for a new Jones College Prep high school that will be located on the northwest corner of Polk and State Street.  The plans were presented by Erin Lavin Cabonargi, executive director of the Chicago’s Public Building Commission and representatives from the mayor’s office and 2nd Ward Alderman Robert Fioretti were also in attendance.

The city plans to spend $85 million to build the new location of Jones College Prep at 646 S. State Street.  CPS stated that the majority of the funding will not come from the CPS budget but instead the tax increment financing (TIF) district funds.  The 2nd Ward has the largest TIF fund citywide.

The Alliance for a Greener South Loop is watching this development as it “incorporates many elements of green architecture and construction.”  The plans include a LEED Green Strategy.

The Pacific Garden Mission occupied the space at 646 S. State Street prior to moving to 1458 S. Canal Street by negotiating a deal with the city in December 2004.  The fate of the existing building for the school at 606 S. State is yet to be decided.

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