Pedestrian, Cycle, and Auto Safety: Be a Part of Vision Zero!

Dear South Loopers,

This year, the GSLA has an opportunity to help represent the South Loop neighborhood in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Vision Zero Task Force.  The Vision Zero Action Plan is a framework of traffic safety improvements with the goal to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injury to 0.  This is a lofty goal, and we need your help!


If this intrigues you, please visit the official Vision Zero website at  Another resource for data and best-practices is the Active Transportation Alliance.


The current objective is to identify ways to engage the community “…to understand how stakeholder groups and organizations in the Central Business District can work together with the City and other partners to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries in downtown Chicago and across the city”.

Let us know how you’d like to see that materialize.  How would you like to engage in the discussion? Is there something you’re curious about, feel there are appropriate survey questions to ask the community, tips for pedestrians and drivers, etc?


Please email us at with your ideas no later than Wednesday, August 15th and we will share them with the rest of the Task Force.

Thank you!