Proposed Antenna Collocation

Subject:           Proposed Antenna Collocation and Associated Equipment On an Existing Rooftop

AT&T Site IL0986 (Congress Parkway – Wabash Avenue)
24 E. Congress Parkway
Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
ECA Project # M-413-3

To Whom It May Concern:
Nsoro MasTec, LLC (on behalf of AT&T Mobility, LLC) is proposing to collocate antennas on the rooftop of an existing 7-story building located at 24 E. Congress Parkway, Cook County, Illinois. The antennas would be sled mounted on the rooftop. Additionally, AT&T proposes to install an 11-foot by 18-foot equipment platform located directly south of existing HVAC equipment.  In accordance with the Federal Communications Commission regulation at 47 C.F.R. 1.1307(a)(4), we are providing notice to you and seeking any comments that you may have regarding the effect of the proposed action described above on Historic Properties in your community.  A map is included for your reference. Based on your level of interest in the proposed project, you may wish to become a consulting party.  This notice is not intended to supplant any local zoning or permitting requirements, but is necessary before we can request review of the proposed action by the State Historic Preservation Office.
We welcome any comments that you may have regarding any Historic Properties that could be potentially affected by the proposed action.  Please direct your comments to Dina M. Bazzill, Environmental Corporation of America, 1375 Union Hill Industrial Court, Suite A, Alpharetta, Georgia 30004, 770-667-2040 x111.  Because we would like to submit their project to the SHPO for review as soon as possible, we request that you provide any documents that you may have within 30 days (April 24, 2011). Thank you for your cooperation.


Jaime L. Destefano, MS
Architectural Historian and Project Manager
Environmental Corporation of America
1375 Union Hill Industrial Court, Suite A
Alpharetta, GA 30004
(office) 770-667-2040 x.108
(fax)  770-667-2041