Revised British School and park renderings

Revised plans were set to be shared with the community at a meeting hosted by Ald. Solis (25th ward) this evening.  Earlier today, a representative from McCaffery Interests gave an overview of the revised plans to our President, Gail Rutkkowski.  As you may recall, the original plans were shared at our community meeting on January 26, 2013 and the revised renderings are in response to community input thus far.

Here are thier comments:

  1. In response to the community’s concern about lack of rooftop & Roosevelt Collection access from the North:  A stairwell will be built, along with an elevator to allow access to the rooftop and Roosevelt Collection.  This is depicted on Pages 7 & 8 in the slides.  They feel the stairwell as depicted will be visually appealing.
  2. There will be a designated area for a dog run.
  3. The area that was previously designated as open space plaza along Wells will now have two tennis courts and an open ball field.  The area will be fenced to keep stray tennis balls and people away from traffic on Wells.
  4. Concerns about accessibility:  the rooftop will be accessible to everyone and the open space will be accessible to everyone during normal park district hours.  It will not be 24/7 access and there will be security after hours.
  5. The British School athletic space:  The school will be using this space during the school year, but will be sharing their schedule with the community at the beginning of the school year.  When the school is not using the space, the community will be allowed use of the fields.