South Loop Street Pole Banner Designs

Alderman Fioretti has requested the community provide feedback via our organization in order to move forward with finalizing plans to install street pole banners.  The students first presented this art work at our community meeting on March 24, 2012.  We have been honored to help the Ald. Fioretti with this effort and hope the community enjoys the student’s work.  

Ald. Bob Fioretti (2nd Ward) providing community updates









Columbia students presenting their work









View the PDF of the artwork here.

The concept of the art work was based on highlighting various areas of the South Loop.  Because architecture is a key feature of Chicago, the students chose to represent the various areas of the South Loop by selecting an iconic building image to represent the selected areas. The featured areas of the South Loop consist of: Central Station, Motor Row, Museum Campus, Prairie District, Printer’s Row, and Record Row.

In choosing the iconic building images, both historic and modern images were offered to the community as options.  The banners can be customized for the specific area of the South Loop that they are posted to.  For example, the icon of Dearborn Station would rotate to the front of the art work set to represent Printer’s Row.  Another example would have the Chess Records building rotate to the front of the set when the banner is posted in Record Row.

 Lastly, the group proposed the following tag lines for the banners:

  • Neighborhood of neighborhoods
  • True heart of Chicago
  • History on every block

Please provide your feedback by completing the form below: 

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