Wabash Arts Corridor Brings New Art

This summer the Wabash Arts Council is partnering with the renowned artist, Shepard Fairey, to bring four major street art installations to the South Loop Wabash Arts Corridor. Shepard is curator for Lollapalooza’s first-ever art show, Art Alliance: The Provocateurs, which will be housed in Block 37.  Shepard’s work focuses on street and public art and while seeking opportunities to bring public art to downtown Chicago.

Shepard Fairey at work on 9th and Wabash. @obeygiant
Shepard Fairey at work on 9th and Wabash. @obeygiant

Here is an update on this initiative:

  • There will be four, large-scale public art installations on four buildings in the WAC, including the south wall of the Warehouse Liquors building located at 634 S. Wabash and three Columbia buildings: the north wall of 916 S. Wabash; the north and west walls of 72 E. 11th; and the south wall of 33 E. Congress.
  • Shepard Fairey will be one of the artists showcased and his piece, scaling approximately 50’x50’, will live on the north wall of Columbia’s 916 S. Wabash.


Cleon Peterson's mural for the Wabash Arts Corridor
Cleon Peterson’s mural for the Wabash Arts Corridor