Well Future Pharmacy

Husband and wife pharmacists, Kushal and Bhavika “Bhavi” Patel, named their business after their first names. Kushal means “well” and Bhavika means “future.” The Patels, South Loop residents, are looking forward to providing services not always offered or available at chain pharmacies. Some of the services they’ll be providing include compounding and free flavoring for children’s medications.

Compounding is the process pharmacists use to combine or process ingredients to suit the specific needs of patients. For example, some people are unable to swallow large pills. A compounding pharmacist can change a solid medication into liquid form. Additionally, nonessential ingredients that a patient may be allergic to can be eliminated through compounding as well.

Before the rise of chain pharmacies and the mass production of medications, compounding was standard practice and part of every neighborhood pharmacist’s routine.

Some other services include free delivery in the South Loop, free flavorings, and personalized service.


1442 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60605