Where Rahm Eats

Time Out Chicago posted a list of places where Rahm Emannual has been seen dining out.  We found this interesting because it was rumored he was spotted at Opart Thai on South State Street this past weekend.  Of course, we hope the new mayor loves the South Loop as much as his predessor – even if he doesn’t live in our neck of the woods.

Time Out Chicago Where Rahm Eats:

Acadia – Emanuel showed up at the doorstep of Ryan McCaskey’s new South Loop spot before it opened. “He wanted to weed out some of the red tape in City Hall for people to build small businesses,” the chef-owner recalls. “ My restaurant is on city park space, so he asked what the biggest issue was and we said dealing with the city—not only with getting permits but also finding out what’s going on with the developing park that’s next to us. We wanted two things: a little buffer between the restaurant and where the people would be, because the park is supposed to be part dog park. The other thing is we wanted a patio of about 14 seats out there. Four days later, I had a meeting with all the head people at the park district. The design is approved, and as far as I know he pushed that through for me.”

Time Out Chicago