Bringing neighbors together…

That’s the goal of the Greater South Loop Association, a registered 501c3 not-for-profit neighborhood organization.  Founded in 1998, the GSLA is comprised of an alliance of residents focused on the overarching mission to maintain and improve the South Loop as a vibrant and diverse, inclusive community.  The GSLA achieves this mission through it’s regular event calendar, neighborhood communications aimed to bring South Loop neighbors together, and partnership with other neighborhood organizations who share similar aims.

To achieve its objectives, the GSLA keeps in touch with local aldermanic, ward and city offices, to put forward cohesive and meaningful dialog expressing the neighborhood’s needs.  Working with City agencies such as the; Department of Planning, Police, Consumer Services and Cultural Affairs, we are an ally within the complex network of city government.

The South Loop has evolved into a dynamic community and continues to grow.  New development projects are now occurring in a more densely populated community, and the GSLA actively encourages developers to share their plans with GSLA membership.  This allows GSLA members to stay informed and voice an opinion of the project and its impact on the community.

A thriving local business community is also critical to the success of any neighborhood.  The GSLA works closely with the South Loop Business Exchange to connect it’s members with locally-owned businesses through the SouthLoop’On local discount program and support of other shop local events.

Where is the South Loop?

Our members consider the area to be between the Congress Parkway on the North, the Stevenson Expressway on the South, the lake including Northerly Island to the east and the Dan Ryan Expressway to the west.

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