Board of Directors

GSLA Board of Directors:

The GSLA President‘s role is to lead and facilitate the growth and development of the Greater South Loop Association.  To develop and maintain a relationship with local and national officials as well as business leaders who represent our community.  To effectively voice the community’s collective opinion on issues that affect the quality of life within the South Loop neighborhood.

Vice President: Assists the President in the performance of his/her duties.  Takes on the President role after end of term.

Secretary: Management of all GSLA formal information including all meeting minutes, recorded documents, and by-law administration.  Maintains relationships and communicates with the various associations, museums, churches and other non-profit organizations in the area.

Treasurer: Responsible for the management of all financial functions and resources for the GSLA.  Prepares and files all financial documents.

Director: Supports the execution of GSLA’s mission through committee leadership, participation at monthly GSLA board meetings and events, and serves as a liaison to community organizations and stakeholders.

Please contact the committee if you are interested in joining or learning more about the committees. Committees may be joined at any time.  Board of Directors serve a 2-year term and elections are held at the October meeting each year.  A nominating petition can be found here if you would like to submit it to the board for consideration.

To comply with IRS standards for our 501c(3) status, a copy of our tax returns are available and you may refer to additional financial information on the non-profit rating website GuideStar.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Board History: