Board of Directors


Do you love living in the South Loop, and want to contribute in a meaningful way?  Consider serving on the Greater South Loop Association (GSLA) Board of Directors!

Our Mission: Bringing Neighbors Together to support a vibrant, inclusive South Loop community

  • Who we serve:
    − Individuals
    − Businesses
    − Community Living Associations
  • Our contribution:
    − Information about pertinent events
    − Events that positively contribute to building our community
    − A voice from our members to local officials

Examples of how we execute our mission:

Core Values:

  • We are inclusive
  • We are passionate about the South Loop being a neighborhood of choice in Chicago
  • We put the views/concerns of our membership over our own personal agendas for the neighborhood

Director Commitment:

  • Attend Board meetings and meetings related to support of committee work
    − The Board has met monthly, however we are considering a quarterly cadence with committee
    meetings in between as needed
  • We are a “working” board (as opposed to an “advisory” board)
    − Translation: if you have an idea or want to contribute to an existing initiative, speak up!
  • We may not all be able to attend every GSLA event, however Directors should make an effort to attend as many as possible
    − There are typically 1-2 GSLA-sponsored events per month
    − Events usually take place during evening hours (after 5 pm)
  • Each Director must have an active GSLA membership to serve

Please contact the committee if you are interested in joining or learning more about the committees. A nominating petition can be found here if you would like to submit it to the board for consideration.

To comply with IRS standards for our 501c(3) status, a copy of our tax returns are available and you may refer to additional financial information on the non-profit rating website GuideStar.  Share and post this page if you know a neighbor that might be interested in serving on our board or committee. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Board History: